Saturday, February 23, 2008

On Month Later

I returned from Honduras and had a few days off before starting back at seminary. I am past the halfway point in my three-year seminary journey! I wonder how this is possible! My seminary operates on a semester and quarter system. Each semester has two quarters so this quarter I am finishing Church History - from 1600 to the present. My semester courses are Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology II and Colloquy which is a companion course to field education, or as I like to call it 'student priesting.' I spend every Sunday at my field ed parish where I serve at the altar, occasionally preach and proclaim the Gospel, and co-lead the Rite 13 group (teenagers). Co-leading Rite 13 is good and challenging for me because I haven't had much experience with teenagers! Also as part of field ed I meet monthly with a committee of lay people who provide me with feedback on my sermons and generally support me as I learn more about parish leadership and becoming a priest. It's a wonderful parish and I'm thankful to be there!

Speaking of parishes, my Bishop has transferred me to a new sponsoring parish. After 8 years I am moving from the parish that I joined when I moved here from Houston. This was the parish where I discerned my call for ordination and where the people joined me in that discernment, raised me up and supported me on this journey towards ordination. It's hard to leave these people and this place that has meant so much to me; however, it is my Bishop's decision to move me to a new sponsoring parish for my continuing formation. This is a time of sadness, grief and new beginnings. It seems appropriate and right that this transition coincides with the season of Lent.